We'll help you find your next team


We'll help you find your next team


We offer you the opportunity to register your CV in our database, so we can contact you with priority as soon as we have new collaboration opportunities that best fit your experience and professional goals.


If you want to develop professionally or are looking for a new job, our certified team offers you professional support to achieve your new objectives - from creating or updating your CV or developing self-presentation skills in a job interview, to coaching for boosting self-knowledge and identifying the most suitable career opportunities for you.


We learn throughout our life. But sometimes we want our career path to change direction. We’re here to help you discover and capitalize on your soft skills and to guide you towards the most effective professional retraining routes.


I first interacted with the GABTEO HR team when I applied for a job that sounded appropriate for me, despite missing the name of the Hiring Company. Throughout the selection process, the HR Consultant made sure there was the company-candidate match, in order to avoid wasting everyone’s time. When I reached the final interview, I got the sense that I found my place, not just them finding their candidate.

It’s been a year and a half already and the GABTEO HR team helped me grow my team by 3 more members. I highly recommend them, regardless if you are a candidate, a hiring manager or an employer.

L.A. Head of Marketing & Communication
I can happily say that the entire recruitment process had a unique approach. I liked their approach during the initial phone conversation and the social ice-breaker that many people forget about lately. Then, the gradual transition to job details and professional background.

I appreciated the fact that they provided relevant details and they emphasized on my compatibility with the job and my potential development within the team considering the fact that it was a change in career path. Transparent communication process, one end to another.

Finally yet importantly, I encourage you to continue down this path in the future and perform weekly status checks with the candidates, it did help me a lot. Moreover, I appreciated you checking up on me 2 weeks in my new role.

A.G. QA Software Tester
I applied for the Frontend Developer job in a tech-telecom company through GABTEO HR.
Everything was super fast, I was accepted and I am grateful to the GABTEO HR team for their professionalism.
They answered all my questions and they guided my steps throughout the application process.
I recommend their services to all of those who are searching for a job.
R.B. Frontend Developer
Both recruitment processes that I was involved in were conducted based on a clear agenda and the team answered all my questions. Moreover, aside for my experience and expertise, there was a clear focus on my expectations, my motivation to take over a new role, so it’s only the employee that matters, but the person behind it, too. Indeed, the GABTEO HR team always follows up with job recommendations matching your candidate profile.
S.B. Senior Fundraising Specialist

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We regularly host individual or group consulting and counseling sessions, including webinars, based on your needs and goals.

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